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Over Columbus day weekend, we went on a 3 day trip which included two days in El Malpais National Monument in western New Mexico. Some of Monument's main attractions are lava tubes, chain of craters, and lava flows. We visited all three.

This is a lava field, but life is arriving.

This is a bridge over a collapsed lava tube. Alex and Grace are on the bridge.

This is an entrance to a lava tube.

Same entrance.

This is a pile of rocks that used to be the roof of this lava tube.

That same bridge from below.

Looking into a lava tube

A 180 degree panorama of the lava tube

Climbing out of a lava tube. Alex loved rock climbing.

Entering another lava tube.

We entered this one, and this is what it looked like from inside.

These trees grow on rocks. There is very little soil anywhere.

We drove toward Zuni Pueblo, and saw this cool arch.

The next day we climbed an extinct volcano (cindercone).

Looking down the Chain of Craters

There is very little soil here. Amazing that a bush can grow.

Hiking on the lava falls.

Some sort of a big collapse. Alex and Grace are in the middle.