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This weekend we went with Dedlin and Murphys to South Colony Lakes area of Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Colorado.
The plan was to conquer a 14er called Humboldt, but we did not succeed due to (snow)storms.

A Google Earth image of the area, our camp (018), and the hike we did on Saturday to the pass.

Greenhorn mountain, where we spent a memorable weekend last summer.

Saturday morning we started hiking.

Crestone needle (left) and Peak (right) from Upper South Colony lake.
Everything was going nicely up to this point...

Until it started to snow. It is 29 August, WTH.

See, that's snow falling.

We ate lunch at the pass and enjoyed the sunshine.

Rorke and Anthony made it to Crestone Peak for lunch.

Magnified view of Rorke and Anthony from the previous photo.

Alex was building a squirrel house.

Leatha and Reann having fun. Alex took this photo (not bad, eh)

Some storm clouds moved in.

And it started to thunder.

Se we packed up and got off the mountain.

Wild sheep at the Upper lake.

Here is what Crestone Needle looks like at sunrise (from a previous trip).

Here is what the valley looks like (Humboldt is on the right).