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Dave and Melanee organized a great three-day trip to San Juan mountains of Colorado.
There were a total of 10 of us on the trip.

Here is a Google Earth view of the hike. This is about 10 miles north of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
Our route is in blue, where the loop shows our dayhike on Saturday. The far left side of the loop is where we set up our camp, on the shores of Fourmile lake.

Here is all of us except for Melanee, who took the photo.

Hiking up was in cloudy/rainy weather (photo by Melanee)

But the spirits were high (photo by Melanee)

After a couple of hours, we reached the waterfalls (photo by Melanee)

Upper waterfall

Another one.

I was picking some wild strawberries (photo by Melanee)

We had to cross the creek several times.

We reached the camp in late afternoon. It was very very cold.

Left: Melanee purifying water (photo by Dave). Right: it's pretty cold for August (photo by Melanee)

Dinner time. Jeff was making some amazing food.

Fourmile lake the evening we arrived.

The next morning the weather improved. Some of us went on a hike, while others stayed to fish and rest.

Climbing towards the pass northeast of the lake.

At the pass (photo by Karl)

Karl having fun.

The view northeast from the pass, looking into the Turkey Creek Lake valley

View south from the pass, with Pagosa valley in the background.


We came back to the camp, and started cutting wood for the fire.

Below are some portraits of the Mountaineers.

The Lovebirds.

Is it still that cold?

Bill was able to catch two cutthroat trout.


Dinner time.

Campfire stories.

The next morning was really nice.

The valley we descended through on the way down.

Some more views on the way to the cars.