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We spent 9 days in the San Francisco bay area and had a great vacation. We rented a nice car, stayed in nice hotels (Monterrey for 2 nights and Napa Valley for 6 nights), ate great food, and had wonderful weather. Not to mention that Alex behaved well, which probably made the biggest difference.

Two panoramas of San Francisco

Zoomed into downtown

A beach right next to Golden Gate


More Chinatown

And more

Lombard street from the east end

Same photo zoomed into the curvy and steep part of the street

And now from the top of the curvy part of Lombard street

This is Filbert street, and this section is the steepest in San Francisco (31 degrees)

Here is a side view from Filbert street. Pretty steep if you are driving.

A mandatory stop at the Ghirardelli chocolate factory. We had great ice cream.

Turning-around point for the cable cars

Alex loved to ride the cable cars.

Another shot from the cable car.

Ethiopian food is so amazing. We had our first exposure in Tucson, and now we seek it out.

A park in San Francisco with a nice view over downtown.

A really nice row of houses.

The campus of UCSF (we walked around it)

Alex was given quarters for good behavior, and this is where he used them.

One more "shopping" experience for Alex

A usual San Francisco neighborhood.

A view of Golden Gate and downtown San Fran. Alex was not interested in photos.

Chinese dim sum

Driving across Golden Gate (did this a lot on the trip)

Pretty sweet light at sunset.

And the same place a little later.

Walking across Golden Gate bridge...

...and watching the dolphins

Takeout from a Malaysian restaurant. We loved it.

San Francisco skyline at dusk. Very pretty.

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