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I went on a trip into the mountains of south Colorado with six other Los Alamos Mountaineers. We hiked on snowshoes or skis to the yurt on Friday, hiked around on Saturday, and came back home on Sunday. It was a great privilege to go on a trip with this group of people, which combined with a beautiful scenery, good weather, and lots of exercise, creating an amazing experience.

Thank you Adam, Dave, David, Jeff, Melanee, and Terri!

Here is what a yurt looks like

Inside the yurt: 2 bunk beds, 2 more mattresses, wood-burning stove with
a big pot for melting snow, a propane stove, and a table with benches.

Relaxing (photo by Dave)

Time to make drinking water. The snowmelt tasted very good. (photo by Melanee)

Saturday hike to the mountains above the yurt

First lunch break (photo by David)

Photo by Dave

Photo by Dave

Photo by Dave

Second lunch break, with Colorado Sangres in the background (photo by David)

We brought along a rapper (very funny)

The Mountaineers on the way back to the car