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I went with two Adams on a short trip to the mountains across the valley from Los Alamos. We hiked from 10,400ft to our camp at 11,800ft, where we had almost aerial views of Rio Grande valley. It is amazing to me that we live so close to some big mountains.


Eric joined us for the hike up, but could not stay for the night, as he did not have the right equipment.

We found a flat and secluded spot for our tent.

Adam and I carved a nice bench for our kitchen area (the other Adam is napping in the tent).
We just cooked dinner and spent the evening in the tent playing Hearts

We woke up to a beautiful day, so we packed up.

Here are the view from just below our campsite.
The picture on the left is showing the Rio Grande valley, with Los Alamos in the background.
The photo on the right is of Santa Fe Baldy.

This is Nambe valley.

Here is another view from just below our campsite, with Sandias in the background.