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I have gone hiking or snowshoeing every weekend in January, but did not always bring my camera.
Even when I did, I did not always take lots of pictures (it's cold out there!)

Claire and I snowshoed up to the meadow below Tesuque peak. The views were very nice, but the wind was not.

I finally hooked up with Mouser (his blog is HERE), and our first outing was great.
This is the sunrise over the Rio Chama canyon.

Mouser taking a super cool 360-degree pano inside the Echo amphitheater.
HERE is another of his panos that I really like.

This is the trail to Kitchen Mesa at Ghost Ranch. It was very warm this time.

On top of Kitchen Mesa

I test drove Mouser's 300mm lens. It was great, but I am glad he carried it.

Here is another shot with the same lens. This is Mouser's truck at the trailhead.